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“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive,” Anais Nin.

Open your journal and write about a dear friend. Add the sensory details of how you perceive them using sight, sound, and touch, as well as how they make you feel comforted and supported. Now write a letter of appreciation to them and send it. Do this without expectation of a response, except for your own self. See how this brightens your mood. Lynn D. Johnson, PhD, says that a letter of appreciation is a powerful way of feeling more connected, loving, and happier with life!

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“There are limits to material growth, but there are no limits to inner enlightenment,” Wayne Dyer.

No limits! Wow, most of us seek a sense of enlightenment and often find that it’s elusive and sparse. But what if we just accepted that enlightenment was unlimited and freely around us and in us to delve into at any moment?

Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, talks about the value of mindful living as being a means of seeing the beauty and connection in all things. And connection is part of his teachings of enlightened living.  He says that we can be mindful every day even while we are drinking tea. The tea is more than leaves when you look deeply. You can see the tea plant growing in the sunshine, the man harvesting the crop, the maker of the tea, the shipper and the store owner. All is available as you taste the liquid and feel its warmth within. I am trying to be mindful of the connections to the small things by slowing down to enjoy my tea and my meals. This isn’t so easy, because there are often newspapers on my table that can distract me and bills that pile up. But I try.

Now you write about one way that you could grow more limitless in seeing yourself connect more inwardly and outwardly. And take a step to make that new habit happen. I’m taking my papers off my table tonight!

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“Start to think of yourself as a person who is worthy of being loved & watch people start responding to you in a new way,” David J Walker.

Do you mutter about your inadequacies all day long like I do? Thank heavens I catch myself and haul myself back to my well-spring of love! This is a habit that I have had to learn to cultivate, and it can be fun to do! Take a few minutes and just breathe in the word love on each in and out breath. It’s easiest to try this when you are in the midst of a habit like brushing your teeth, or stopping at a street light. Afterward as you find yourself muttering today, bring yourself back to your breath and the self-love mantra.

At the end of the day, write @ how much effort this took. Then note the benefits of changing your attitude towards becoming more loving of yourself. Enjoy making this interesting, fun, and inspiring change when you need a lift!

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“To have even a chance at success, we have to keep reloading & taking aim at our target,” Linda Picone.

If you are like me, we all have problems now and then, finding our way towards our goals. To help us move back again in that direction, reloading our ammunition towards the target, we need new focus. We can develop a different sense of the situation through visualization. By seeing the goal achieved in our mind’s eye, and moving through time to map out the steps towards our goal, we can help ourselves strategize change.

To do so, take about five minutes to visualize your accomplishment in detail—with all senses alive to the details of the goal. See the date that you project finishing this project. Now go back to today’s date. To begin planning your journey forward, flip through the calendar, working through the months. Notice the necessary steps you must take to proceed towards your goal. Become aware of the different situations that might arise that could block your progress, like the birth of a child, the needs of a loved one, or the expenses that come up. After you have made your way to your goal, come back to the room and pick up your pen and paper.

Now write about your pathway towards achievement. See this exercise as a guideline that you can come back to, if you need to revise your plan.

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“Moments of stillness provide the opportunity for our souls to catch up with us,” Rev. Sally Robbins.

You may notice that when you are in the middle of ironing (oh, heavens, not that!), doing the dishes, or taking a shower, you often come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. When we still our minds quieting our compulsive thoughts, whether through repetitive habits or meditating, we often catch up with our heart and soul.

I find that journaling after I meditate each morning helps me become still to my inner resources. Many of my more creative, inspired ideas come dancing into my head and out through my pen and into my journal. Still your mind today in whatever way suits you. Make certain that you have your pen and some paper nearby!  Jot down a few of your more enlightened ideas. Enjoy the sense of serenity and harmony that comes from living more from your heart source.

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“Whenever you change your mind, soften your focus, & look through new eyes, you will see things in a new light,” Robert Holden.

A fun way to see a challenge from another angle is to write about it from another person’s viewpoint. If you have a mentor or favorite elder who you like to go to for advice, write yourself a letter from this person. You will hear their nuggets of wisdom as you write. If you have never journaled from another’s perspective, suspend your reticence and just go with it. You’ll notice that you can draw on this resource of support with more ease than you expected. Go back and highlight any ideas that might be helpful for you. Enjoy the softened focus of making change by connecting to a more universal source of wisdom.

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“The freest people in the world are those who have inner peace,” Wayne Dyer.

If you were to have inner peace every day in your life, what would that look like to you? Write about this for ten minutes non-stop. Don’t ponder or edit your thoughts, just keep the pen moving. Now look back at your writing. Highlight what is most powerful to you in your words. Note if you see any steps that you can immediately implement in your daily schedule and begin today!

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