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“Because gratitude is the key to happiness, anything that undermines gratitude must undermine happiness,”Dennis Prager.

One of the most important concepts that many of the psychologists are bringing to the discussion about happiness is how to keep connected to our inner resources of gratitude. Happiness is not about amassing more possessions and accomplishments. Though having more clothes, nicer homes, and better jobs can play a big part of our cultural norms for happiness; they are not the answers to our inner joy. Happiness can be as easy to find as enjoying an evening with your girlfriends cooking a pot of spaghetti.

So turn your focus on one source of happiness, your sense of appreciation for what makes you shine from within. Highlight something that is a bedrock in your life that gives you a true sense of purpose and passion–without which your life would be less fulfilled. For me, this is about supporting others as they find their innate sense of creativity and joy. So, now it’s your turn. Write about what really fires you up and ignites your inner sense of gratitude for life!


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“Don’t find fault, find a remedy,” Henry Ford.

The maker of the Ford motor car had tenacity. Over his lifetime, he designed and implemented many technical innovations to develop affordable cars for the general public. He took on his issues, using his talents and skills, with the resolve to do something better and faster.

So today, think of yourself as a strong problem solver who doesn’t let difficulties stop you. Look at mustering your talents to handle a challenging situation–whether changing jobs or finding more of yourself in your daily life.  List five of your strongest talents on a 3 X 5 card and keep it by you. Whenever you feel indecisive, look at the card and see if you can use at least one of your talents to help you resolve your problem. Go to your journal and write about how this works for you.

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“Moments of stillness provide the opportunity for our souls to catch up with us,” Rev. Sally Robbins.

You may notice that when you are in the middle of ironing (oh, heavens, not that!), doing the dishes, or taking a shower, you often come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. When we still our minds quieting our compulsive thoughts, whether through repetitive habits or meditating, we often catch up with our heart and soul.

I find that journaling after I meditate each morning helps me become still to my inner resources. Many of my more creative, inspired ideas come dancing into my head and out through my pen and into my journal. Still your mind today in whatever way suits you. Make certain that you have your pen and some paper nearby!  Jot down a few of your more enlightened ideas. Enjoy the sense of serenity and harmony that comes from living more from your heart source.

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“A book must be an ice-axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul,” Franz Kafka.

Saturday is a great day to chill out in front of a book! It’s a known fact that reading can help a person come up with alternative ways of looking at things. So what better reason—if you need one—to allow yourself a creative break from the mind-numbing routine. If you feel more inspired, write about that for 15 minutes during your coffee break today. Enjoy!

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