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Sat Journal: Watch a bird for a few minutes and take in its majesty. Write about what you


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“Because gratitude is the key to happiness, anything that undermines gratitude must undermine happiness,”Dennis Prager.

One of the most important concepts that many of the psychologists are bringing to the discussion about happiness is how to keep connected to our inner resources of gratitude. Happiness is not about amassing more possessions and accomplishments. Though having more clothes, nicer homes, and better jobs can play a big part of our cultural norms for happiness; they are not the answers to our inner joy. Happiness can be as easy to find as enjoying an evening with your girlfriends cooking a pot of spaghetti.

So turn your focus on one source of happiness, your sense of appreciation for what makes you shine from within. Highlight something that is a bedrock in your life that gives you a true sense of purpose and passion–without which your life would be less fulfilled. For me, this is about supporting others as they find their innate sense of creativity and joy. So, now it’s your turn. Write about what really fires you up and ignites your inner sense of gratitude for life!

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“Don’t find fault, find a remedy,” Henry Ford.

The maker of the Ford motor car had tenacity. Over his lifetime, he designed and implemented many technical innovations to develop affordable cars for the general public. He took on his issues, using his talents and skills, with the resolve to do something better and faster.

So today, think of yourself as a strong problem solver who doesn’t let difficulties stop you. Look at mustering your talents to handle a challenging situation–whether changing jobs or finding more of yourself in your daily life.  List five of your strongest talents on a 3 X 5 card and keep it by you. Whenever you feel indecisive, look at the card and see if you can use at least one of your talents to help you resolve your problem. Go to your journal and write about how this works for you.

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“If you’re a finished product, all tied up & put away, you’ve stopped growing,” Wayne Dyer.

Wayne Dyer catches me every time when I find myself stubbornly holding onto my comfort zone. I don’t know about you, but for me this situation is often about my fear of looking stupid when I want to do something new. It’s hard for most of us to step up to the plate, at that moment of decision, and do something that requires courage and gutsiness. Even with that queasy feeling of indecisiveness, most of us know intuitively that if we just inched out and tried to do this wonderful thing, that we might grow and live a happier life.

So, for your journaling today, explore one of these self-imposed boundaries. Look at a wish or goal that inspires you, one that helps you to grow in a way that is fresh and new. Lighten up with any criticism if you think you might look silly or fail. Notice how you criticize yourself and fight back with your inner appreciator. Next, go back and highlight any steps that you uncovered that might help you move forward in your desires. Put these action steps in your planner today!

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“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you,” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Emerson wrote about many important values in life. And this quote hits at the heart of living fully! In his opinion, self-expression is not an option!

So my challenge for you, dear journaler, is to look at your life right now and be honest about what you really want to accomplish using your talents. What gifts from the heart do you want to share that you haven’t? Write down a list of at least five of them. Afterward, journal about one desire for ten minutes. Highlight any small steps you may have uncovered to move you forward to manifest your passionate dreams!

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“Friendship makes prosperity more shining & lessens adversity by dividing & sharing it,” Cicero.

Writing about how friends can be a shining light in a dark corner of our life is a way to remember the good parts of living fully. As we appreciate these connections, we honor our common human journeys. We are better for the giving and the receiving of love. So write about a time when you were low and how your friends came to your side. I found this to be so poignantly true when my mother died after months and years of declining health due to Alzheimer’s disease. Friends brought soup to provide sustenance, loving hearts to share the sad moments, and kind words to boost my spirits when shopping for groceries seemed like a mind-numbing task.

So seize the moment today and write about the value of your friendships! You will provide a soulful respite for your spirits!

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“Trust in relationships can inspire new levels of intimacy, communication, and love,” Robert Holden PhD.

Wow! I find this idea about trust such a deep wish of mine, don’t you? To step away from our fears and seek deep connection is such a gift! And, this is sometimes truly hard to manifest when we are most angry, tightened up, and upset. Yet, this is the kind of communication that Robert Holden says can create a deeper, more intimate bond.

If there is a relationship in your life that seems to be challenging, try journaling about it mining more of your heartfelt energy. It’s best not to choose a relationship that provokes great difficulty. Before writing, relax quietly in a comfortable chair and breathe in a deep sense of love and trust in yourself.  Now journal about this situation and speak from your heart with this person without blame or shame. See if you can clarify your intent and desires to create a bridge of trust. From there you can cross over to meet the other person with greater understanding. This is the kind of trust that has the potential to create healthy relationships in our everyday lives.

My best wishes for your most wondrous relationships!

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