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Dear Journal Writers,

I have been off pondering my heart’s desires and inspirations over the last few weeks and have come back to writing my blog with a new appreciation for the life around me. In October I travelled to Australia–both Sydney and Melbourne–with my daughter to celebrate a couple of milestones in her life, and also to see my niece and her family.  What a FANTASTIC journey. The country and the people were amazing!!

And I have to say that it all was inspiring! I came back recharged. Being so moved, I decided to take a big step, moving my career forward, and began a new work-life coaching program called, the Pinnacle. Wow, this has opened me up to so many new ways of thinking my head is often spinning….Hence the slowness in getting back to my bloggerly ways.

Excuses aside, I did want to revive my journaling blog and be here to support the process of journaling as a means of self-reflection and growth. So, what I wanted to introduce this week was to ask you to take the risk of doing something out of the ordinary, by looking at the ordinary in a new way.

As I was sorting out my photos from Australia, I found myself in awe at what I had seen only a few months ago. The images of beauty and inspiration were still leaving their impressions and begging me to go out and  see, feel,and touch life. This is the entrance point to living rich and full in every moment–and what you will write about this week! I’m leaving you with a sampling of some of my most awe-inspiring images of Australia.

The Great Ocean Road

This week you will look at your desires using your camera. I think that photos help us to focus on what we find most inspiring and beautiful. See if you agree. You will shoot through the lens the things that interest you the most. So what I propose for your inspiration this week is to take a walk to someplace wild, extraordinary, or beloved, and photograph what pulls you in, what has a deep connection for you. See how it stimulates your inner-most thoughts. If you can, take shots up close and in panorama. Each type provides its own sense of depth and breadth.

In the depths of the rainforest

After you have photographed your images, upload them to your computer, and just enjoy them for a day or two. Then go back and see if you come up with any threads of a theme as you look at your images. Is this about a new-found passion? Or something intimate about your life? What do you see now? I find that I love the suggestion of connection to all things around me. I see much more concretely how my small part of the natural world is connected to a much larger one. And I feel that I ground more deeply to something so much grander and more interesting for these moments. I relish being completely immersed in the sensory details of the smell of the green earth, and the evening moisture resting cool on my skin. I feel more alive and aware.

Once you have found your own thematic bridge to a few of your photos, write about this. Include thoughts and ideas that come up, as well as the emotional tonality of the experience. In so doing you will enliven to what most interests and inspires you. If you make a habit of this kind of writing, you will find that this inner way of knowing yourself will become more a part of your daily life.

Have fun and let me know what you liked about this adventure, and what may have helped you see something that you hadn’t noticed before.

Happy journaling!


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